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Hello, and welcome to edwestwickworld, a livejournal community dedicated to the talented actor Ed Westwick. Please take the time to read the info and rules below before joining. If you join, all I ask is that you respect the rules and guidelines.


As I said before, this community, edwestwickworld is dedicated to the actor, Ed Westwick and any/all characters that he plays. This community stems from the fansite Ed-WestwickWorld.net. Join to share and discuss photos, icons, fanfiction, fan-art, fan-videos, encounters, etc. pertaining to this talented man.

Rules and Guidelines:

- All posts must be friendlocked and comment enabled. Spoilers and large content (over 600 x 600) must be placed under an lj-cut.
- All original posts MUST pertain to Ed Westwick and/or a character that he plays. You may stray in the comments, though. Feel free. (Please see the "NO" section below)
SPOILERS: along with putting them under a cut, please make sure to warn people that they are spoilers! Some people do not want to know what is going to happen in a show ahead of time, so please respect that, and place "SPOILER ALERT" either before the cut or within the subject.
NO commenting/opening posts with: your personal drama, your specculation about an actor's personal life, non-newsworthy tweets, personal photos/messages, spam/personal LJ promotion, etc.
Disrespect for fellow posters will NOT be tolerated!! I reserve the right to ban you, and I will if I have to warn you more than twice!

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